Our School and Nonprofit Partners

As of early 2019, The Kwek Society is supplying period products to schools in New Mexico, Oklahoma and South Dakota. We expect to help Navajo students in Arizona in the near future, as well.


We have signed an agreement with Central Consolidated School District to supply its students. Below are the CCSD schools we are helping to date.

Newcomb Elementary School
Mascot: Newcomb Eagles
Newcomb, NM 87455-7917

Naschitti Elementary School
Mascot : Badgers
Sheepsprings, NM 8736

Newcomb Middle School
Mascot: Falcons
Newcomb, NM 87455-7927

Newcomb High School
Mascot: Skyhawks
Newcomb, NM 87455-7927

Shout out! The four schools above are supported by one awesome school nurse, Cathy Manus, LPN.

One of Central Consolidated School District’s amazing nurses.

Eva B Stokely Elementary School
Mascot: Blackhawks
Shiprock, NM 87420

Nizhoni Elementary School
Mascot: Eagles
Shiprock, NM 87420

Mesa Elementary School
Mascot: Roadrunners
Shiprock, NM 87420

Shout out! The above three elementary schools are supported by an awesome school nurse, Lori LaRochelle, RN.

Tsé Bit A’í Middle School
Mascot: Warriors
Shiprock, NM 87420

Shout out! This middle school is supported by the caring team of Michelle Seering, RN and Colleen Smith, Health Aide.

Nurse Neering with some of our supplies, March 2019.

Shiprock High School
Mascot: Chieftain and Lady Chieftian (we love that the ladies are specifically represented!)
Shiprock, NM 87420

One of our period education books now in the New Mexico schools.

Shout out! Nurse Dawn Fowler, RN, supports these high schoolers with aplomb.

Kirtland Elementary School
30 CR 6446
Kirtland, NM  87417

Ojo Amarillo Elementary School
PO Box 768
Fruitland, NM   87416-0768

Judy Nelson Elementary School
40 CR 6580
Kirtland, NM  87414

The energetic, accomplished students of Judy Nelson Elementary.

Kirtland Middle School
538 CR 6100
Kirtland, NM  87417

Kirtland Middle School, Home to the Lady Broncos!

Kirtland Central High School
550 CR 6100
Kirtland, NM  87417

Shout out! Tireless and kind Michelle Gatheright is our contact at these Kirtland/Fruitland schools.


In March 2019 we signed an agreement with Nowata Indian Education in the Nowata Public Schools to supply students in the three-school stack with period supplies. The schools are

Nowata Elementary School

Nowata Middle School

Nowata High School, all at 707 West Osage, Nowata, OK 74048.

Our Nowata contact, Indian Education Director Julie Huntington, is an effective advocate for all Nowata students.

Pleasant Grove Public School
Mascot: Warriors
Shawnee, OK 74801

This is the first school we supported in Oklahoma. For news coverage of our efforts, visit News9.com.

Shout out! Nurse Rhiannon Webb is the go-to guide for these students. She’s the caring nurse speaking to News9 about her students’ needs and our support.


Wounded Knee District School
Mascot: Warriors
Manderson, SD 57756-0313

Shout out! School staff member Sis Clifford lovingly guides these K-8 graders!

First Families Now                                                                                              
2904 BIA 27
Porcupine, SD 57772

First Families Now is a new 501(c)(3). FFN works with school counselors and social workers at Oglala Lakota County Early Head Start Centers and tribal, grant and public schools to identify students and families who are in dire need and personally deliver donations to families and schools. To date, The Kwek Society has sent FFN donations provided to us by our friends at I Support the Girls. We anticipate growing our partnership with the group and are excited about the opportunity to reach many Pine Ridge area students in need of period supplies.