Our School and Nonprofit Partners

As the 2019-2020 school year gets underway, The Kwek Society is supplying period products to schools in New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. We expect to help Navajo students in Arizona soon, and also to add more schools in Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. We are committed to serving as many Native American students with period-supply-access issues as we possibly can. Please contact us if you know of students who need our help!


Tohaali Community School
Mascot: Cardinals

In August 2019 we began sending period supplies to Diné students at Tohaali Community School, the first Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) school we are supporting (tóháálᶖ́” translates to “where the water comes out”). Dee Dee Bitsilly is the school’s principal. On learning about us, she embraced our mission with great enthusiasm and will be sharing information about us with her peers and superiors.

Tohaali Community School complex, Navajo Reservation lands, Newcomb, NM.

The school serves over 100 Diné/Navajo Nation students, including 30 or so boarding students — we are supplying moontime bags, pads and liners to 4th through 8th grade students. Supplies for Tohaali students can be sent to Tohaali Community School, Attn: Principal Delores Bitsilly, North Highway 491, Navajo Route 19, Newcomb, NM 87026.


We have signed an agreement with Central Consolidated School District to supply its students. We are assisting all of the CCSD schools except its early childhood education school. Supplies to all of these New Mexico schools can be sent through this address: Central Consolidated Schools Warehouse, 78C County Road 6500, Kirtland, New Mexico 87417. Please mark the mailing box to the attention of the particular school to which you wish to direct the supplies. Or send supplies via the CCSD consolidated Amazon wish list, available here.

Newcomb Elementary School
Mascot: Eagles

Naschitti Elementary School
Mascot: Badgers

Naschitti Elementary School 5th graders with first-period kits.

Newcomb Middle School
Mascot: Falcons

Newcomb High School
Mascot: Skyhawks

Shout out! The four schools above are supported by awesome school nurses, Cathy Manus, LPN and Darlene Smith, RN and Health Aids Georgetta Henry, Aaron Happy, Lavonna Clark, and Delphine Denetdeal.

One of Central Consolidated School District’s amazing school nurses, Cathy Manus.

Eva B Stokely Elementary School
Mascot: Blackhawks

Nizhoni Elementary School
Mascot: Eagles

Mesa Elementary School
Mascot: Roadrunners

Shout out! The above three elementary schools are supported by an awesome school nurse, Lori LaRochelle, RN and and Health Aides Paden Avery, Julia Aspaas.

Tsé Bit A’í Middle School
Mascot: Warriors

Shout out! This middle school is supported by the caring team of Treina Junes-Avalos, RN and Colleen Smith, Health Aide.

Shiprock High School
Mascot: Chieftains and Lady Chieftains (we love that the ladies are specifically represented!)

Career Prep High School
Mascot: The Phoenix

One of our period education books now in the New Mexico schools.

Shout out! Nurse Dawn Fowler, RN, supports these high schoolers with aplomb; Health Aide Georgianna Yazzie firmly and kindly supports Shiprock and Health Aide Paige Toehe does the same at Career Prep.

Kirtland Elementary School
Mascot: Unicorns

Ojo Amarillo Elementary School
Mascot: Bobcats

Judy Nelson Elementary School
Mascot: Mustangs

The energetic, accomplished students of Judy Nelson Elementary.

Kirtland Middle School
Mascot: Broncos and Lady Broncos

Kirtland Middle School, Home to the Lady Broncos!

Kirtland Central High School
Mascot: Broncos and Lady Broncos

Creative students’ thank you for our end of year May 2019 shipment to Kirtland Central High School
Thank you photo sent April 2019 from Kirtland Central, Home of the Broncos.

Shout out! Tireless and kind Angie Torres, Sharon Curley, Rashida Ayze-Jim and Michelle Gatheright are our contacts at these Kirtland Area schools, except for Kirtland Central — another terrific Health Aide, Darragh Clah, is our contact at Kirtland Central. Our nurse contacts in the Kirtland area are Melissa Christianson, RN and Michelle Seering, RN.


In March 2019 we signed an agreement with Nowata Indian Education in the Nowata Public Schools to supply students in the three-school stack with period supplies. Supplies to all of these Nowata schools can be sent through this address: [School name], Attn: Indian Education Director Julie Huntingdon, 707 West Osage, Nowata, OK 74048. You can find the schools’ Amazon wish list here. The schools are:

Nowata Elementary School

Nowata Middle School

Nowata High School

One of the Nowata Schools students we support, August 2019

The Nowata Public Schools’ mascot is the Ironmen.

Shout out! Our Nowata contact, Indian Education Director Julie Huntington, is an effective advocate for all Nowata students.

Oklahoma City Public Schools/MyLife (Motivating Young Ladies: Inspiration, Friendship & Empowerment) After School Program Attn: Star Yellowfish, Native American Student Services Westwood Elementary 1701 Exchange Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Star Yellowfish, Director of NASS, is our contact, and a committed educator; most of the 30 program participants are Native American students. Please send supplies (ultra thin sizes 1 and 2 pads and packages of girls’ underwear, sizes 10 to 16) to the address listed above, marked to Director Yellowfish’s attention.

Pleasant Grove Public School
Mascot: Warriors
Shawnee, OK 74801

This is the first school we supported in Oklahoma. For news coverage of our efforts, visit News9.com.

Shout out! Nurse Rhiannon Webb is the go-to guide for these students. She’s the caring nurse speaking to News9 about her students’ needs and our support. PGSC is not currently in need of additional supplies.

Shawnee Public Schools (Jefferson, Sequoyah, Horace Mann and Will Rogers Elementary Schools, and Shawnee Middle School)

326 N. Union Ave Shawnee, OK 74801

In September 2019 we supplied all Shawnee Public Schools students in the 4th through 6th grade with moon time bags filled with pads and liners (that’s almost 600 bags!) and offered best practice guidance, and titles of period education books we provide to schools we sponsor, to a dedicated Shawnee School Board member interested in making sure all students have access to the supplies and period education information they need. As a consequence of that School Board member’s efforts, and the support of the schools’ superintendent, Dr. April Grace, a Kwek Society supporter-member, period supplies now are in the restrooms at Shawnee High School and we are confident that Shawnee Public Schools will grow its period supply and education program admirably!

Sovereign Community School
Mascot: Warriors

Sovereign Community School opened in August 2019 with 6th and 9th graders. It is a community-designed charter school free and open to all students with a specific mission to serve and impact the intertribal Indigenous community of Oklahoma City. We are excited that students will start school knowing they have all the period supplies they need! Supplies (ultra thin size 1 and 2 pads, standard (not super) tampons, and packages of girls’ underwear sizes 10 through 16 and women’s underwear sizes 5 – 8) can be sent to Sovereign Community School, Attn: Phil Gover, 12600 N. Kelley Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73131.


Red Cloud High School
Mascot: Crusaders

2019 Math Award Recipients, photo re-posted from Red Cloud Indian Schools’ Facebook page

Shout out! Clare Huerter and Jessica Heesacker are the committed high school administrators with whom we work. Please send packages of girls’ underwear sizes 10 through 16 and women’s underwear sizes 5 – 8 to Red Cloud Indian School, Attn: School Administrators, 100 Mission Drive, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD 57770. You also can order, via the school’s Amazon wish list, here, period pads and tampons that fit in the “free” dispensers in the school restroom.

Wounded Knee District School
Mascot: Warriors
Manderson, SD 57756-0313

Shout out! School staff member Sis Clifford lovingly guides these K-8 graders! The Kwek Society fouder has supported WKDS since our inception. Please send supplies (ultra thin size 1 and 2 pads, standard (not super) tampons, and packages of girls’ underwear sizes 10 through 16) to WKDS, Attn: Sis Clifford, PO Box 350, Manderson, SD 57756.

First Families Now                                                                                              
2904 BIA 27
Porcupine, SD 57772

First Families Now is a new 501(c)(3). FFN works with school counselors and social workers at Oglala Lakota County Early Head Start Centers and tribal, grant and public schools to identify students and families who are in dire need and personally deliver donations to families and schools. The Kwek Society has sent FFN donations provided to us by our friends at I Support the Girls and by a terrific obstetrician-gynecologist practicing in McLean, Virginia. Please send supplies listed on FFN’s page to the address noted above.


Fort Washakie Elementary/Middle and High Schools                                                                                             
Mascot: Eagles

Fort Washakie students with art contest submissions — photo from school website.

Fort Washakie, Wyoming is on the Wind River Indian Reservation. This Reservation is shared by the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. The Reservation is situated in the central western portion of Wyoming. It is the seventh largest Indian reservation by area in the United States, encompassing a land area of 3,473,272 acres. The Eastern Shoshone population of approximately 4,200 people, which is situated primarily around Fort Washakie, forms the basis of student enrollment. The school sits on the high plains with an awesome view of Wind River Mountains.

Shout out! Our contact at Fort Washakie is school counselor Karen Harms. The administration for Fort Washakie Schools thankfully furnishes students the period supplies they need, so our support is limited to proving moon bags made by our donor-members and filled with supplies.

Wyoming Indian Schools                                                                                             
Mascot: Chiefs and Lady Chiefs

The elementary, middle and high schools that comprise Wyoming Indian Schools teach Shoshone and Arapaho students living on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The students received special support during 2019 through The Kwek Society from University students in Texas Tech’s Raiderland Native American Student Association (RNASATTU). The university students conducted a period supplies drive on campus in spring 2019 and sent off the collection to Wyoming Indian Schools.

RNASATTU students boxing collected supplies for Wyoming Indian Schools students.

Shout out! The Kwek Society’s contact for the Wyoming Indian Schools schools is Jenn RunsClosetoLodge. Jenn wears many hats, including that of middle school librarian; she is a mentor to many students. Supplies can be sent to Wyoming Indian Schools, Fremont County School District #14, Attn: Jenn RunsClosetoLodge, 638 Blue Sky Highway, Ethete, Wyoming 82520.