Gallery of Native Artists

Beadwork and ribbonwork artist Peggy Kinder

Peggy (in hat), with student Lila, at the close of Peggy’s beading class held during the 2018 Gathering of the Potawatomi Nations in Mayetta, Kansas.

Here’s the introduction that our friend Peggy Kinder wrote for this website:

Ndezhnakas Peggy Kinder. I live in Missouri and am a Bourassa, Curley, Pappan. Family and extended family began teaching me cultural arts when I was young. I enjoy doing beadwork, handstitched ribbonwork,and machine stitched ribbonwork. I continue to learn from others. I especially enjoy teaching and passing on what I have been taught. Currently, I am working with an apprentice through the Missouri Folk Arts Grant Program. I am teaching my apprentice how to do applique beadwork and make a bandolier bag. If anyone wants to learn to bead or make ribbonwork, I encourage them to reach out to me. Let’s keep our cultural arts alive. Bama mine.

Peggy Kinder

Peggy is an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. In addition to being a fine teacher, she takes beadwork and ribbonwork orders. Shown are just a few examples of her exquisite work. Contact Peggy at


Citizen Potawatomi multi-media artist Penny Coates

A profile of Penny Coates is available here. These prints, and many more pieces of Penny’s art, in various media, can be purchased at affordable prices directly from Penny Coates,, or through her private Facebook page “Penny Coates White Dove Art Gallery. Penny designed our logo, and we are offering our followers, as a first-to-us, the opportunity to buy four beautiful prints, with purchase proceeds (less printing and shipping cost) going directly to our work providing period supplies to Native American students. Don’t delay — these gorgeous prints (15 per image) will sell out!

All My Relations by Penny Coates
All My Relations
Glorious Dance by Penny Coates
Glorious Dance
Penny Coates dancers
Penny Coates Dewegen Kwe'k
Dewegen Kwe’k


Kickapoo and Citizen Potawatomi clay and bronze artist Pahponee

Pahponee is a self-taught clay artist who has re-learned the traditional pottery methods of her woodland culture as well as learning contemporary pottery making techniques.

To learn more about her and and to see more of her beautiful work, please visit her website.


Citizen Potawatomi composer and flutist Marcia Watson Bendo

Marcia Bendo’s debut album, Woodland Moons, can be heard in its entirely on her website.

It often plays in the background at The Kwek Society workspace!

Recognition for her album includes:  Global Music Awards (2018): 2 Silver Medals for “Debut Album” and “New Age/Native American Album”; One World Music Nominations (2018): “Album of the Year” and “Best Neo Classical Album” (winners to be announced June 9, 2019); Zone Music Reporter Awards Nomination (2018): “Best New Artist” (winner to be announced May 18, 2019); One World Music Radio Top 100 Chart: #1 in November 2018, #1 in December 2018; Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Airplay Chart: #2 in September 2018; #2 in October 2018


Singer/Songwriter Elexa Dawson

Elexa Dawson is yet another talented Citizen Potawatomi kwe. She recently was
awarded a fellowship from First Peoples Fund, founded in 1995 to honor and support the Collective Spirit of First Peoples artists and culture bearers. 

Photo courtesy of Jordan Storrer of Lifeleak Visuals, reprinted from the

Elexa is working on her first solo album. Watch this space, or her Facebook page, Elexa Dawson @elexadawsonmusic, for release date information and music links; read more about Elexa’s background and music here and here.