Gallery of Native Artists

All My Relations by Penny Coates
All My Relations
Glorious Dance by Penny Coates
Glorious Dance

Citizen Potawatomi artist Penny Coates

A profile of Penny Coates is available here. These prints, and many more pieces of Penny’s art, in various media, can be purchased at affordable prices directly from Penny Coates,, or through her private Facebook page “Penny Coates Art.” Penny also designed our logo!


Kickapoo and Citizen Potawatomi clay and bronze artist Pahponee

Pahponee makes exquisite pieces.  Her Kickapoo name means Snow Woman.

Pahponee is a self-taught clay artist who has re-learned the traditional pottery methods of her woodland culture as well as learning contemporary pottery making techniques.
To learn more about her and and to see more of her work, please visit her website.