First Moon Bags

Our first moon/first period bags help provide assurance and dignity to young students

Are you someone who can sew or do you want to learn to sew in order to supply us with moon bags we can make up into first moon/first period bags for the students we support? Even better, you can sew them up and fill them for us!

Bags that are the size shown fit a couple thin (size 1/no wings) pads, a couple liners, and a message of celebration from The Kwek Society. They go a long way to reducing anxiety of students anticipating their first periods. Please watch the video below for step-by-step sewing instruction.

We and our students will be thrilled to receive your contributions!

Step by step instructions for making up first moon bags, courtesy of CPN seamstresses Czarina Thompson and Jayne Fleischfresser
A collection of first moon bags sewn, stuffed with supplies and sent to us by Czarina and Jayne for gifting to Kwek Society-supported Native American students