Moon Time Bags

Our moon time bags help provide assurance and dignity to young students

Are you someone who can sew or do you want to learn to sew in order to supply us with moon time bags we can send along to students we support? Even better, you can sew them up and then fill them for us!

Bags that are the size shown fit up to four ultra-thin (size 1) pads, a couple liners, and a message of celebration from The Kwek Society. Having a bag ready in a locker or backpack goes a long way to reducing anxiety of students anticipating their first periods, and of students who worry whether they will have access to period supplies when they need them. Please watch the video below for step-by-step sewing instruction, or keep reading for the written instructions! We and our students will be thrilled to receive your contributions!

You can learn more about The Kwek Society’s mission and the Citizen Potawatomi kwe’k/women behind our moon time bag design and instructional video here.

Step by step instructions for making up moon time bags, courtesy of CPN seamstresses Czarina Thompson and Jayne Fleischfresser
A collection of moon time bags sewn, stuffed with supplies and sent to us by Czarina and Jayne for gifting to Kwek Society-supported Native American students


What you need:  two (2) 6 X 6-inch fabric pieces and two (2) 5 X 6-inch fabric pieces

What to do next:

  1. Stack or pin the two (2) 5 X 6-inch fabric pieces on top of each other, wrong side together
  2. Fold each 6 X 6-inch half wrong side inside, creating two (2) 3 X 6-inch pieces (folded)
  3. Place the folded 3 X 6 pieces, folded side to middle, on top of the two (2) 5 X 6 Inch pieces. Note:  the 2nd 3 X 6-inch piece will overlap the first.
  4. Sew or serge all four (4) sides of the stacked fabric.
  5. Optional:  trim corners a small amount.

Optional next step: Stuff with three (3) or four (4) ultra-thin pads and two (2) liners.

Once completed, send back to us: Mail the moon time bags to The Kwek Society, 3469 North Edison Street, Arlington, VA 22207, and we will stuff them, if needed, and add a Kwek Society business card and celebration message. We then will distribute to students and reply back to you with crazy amounts of thanks and a donation receipt!