The Kwek Society by the Numbers

Please join us to end period poverty among Native American students. Here are our 2019 and 2020 numbers, so far.

Data through June 2020

3,144 moon time bags and puberty-focused books

We provide moon time bags stuffed with pads and liners (supporters sew the bags for us) and also furnish puberty-education books for both sexes to school libraries.

Moon time bags and books donated to Nowata, OK schools.

271,280 period pads, tampons, liners and under-garments

Providing these supplies is the heart of our mission.

Period supplies we donated to Newcomb High School, Newcomb, NM

40 partners in ME, NM, OR, OK, SD, WY & Ontario (Canada)

Our school and community partners keep us informed of their students’ and families’ needs . We take their lead and provide suitable products for the population, ensuring the dignity of those we serve and meeting the students and community members where they are.

School adminstrator for Wyoming Indian Schools, Ethete, WY

A special shout-out to Mission Box, a knowledge and connection hub for nonprofits and charities from around the world, for awarding us a $2,500 Winter Assistance grant in November 2019. The funds made it possible for us to sent students special, pre-holiday shipments of period products. We coupled our donations of 635 pairs of underwear, 5192 pads, 2902 tampons, 3350 liners, and 300 of our moon time bags filled with pads and liners to students in 15 of the schools and programs we support, with a request that the students’ teachers, staff and program managers encourage students to take home as many supplies as they need through the holiday break. Many of our students experience food insecurity during the holidays. With Mission Box’s help, we were thrilled to be in a position to eliminate their adjacent concern about addressing their periods in a dignified way while on holiday break.

This is what we accomplished in 2019 and the first half of 2020 (half of which was during school and community lockdowns).

Yet, we are only scratching the surface. We look forward to your help, whether you are an individual or a foundation grantor.

We will strive to at least double the number of items donated, and to extend our reach to at least 50 school and program partners. That’s where you come in!

You can reach us by email at or send a note through our Facebook page @KwekSociety. There are so many ways to contribute — see our About Us/How You Can Help page. Chi migwetch for your engagement!