Tohaali Community School complex, Navajo Nation Reservation lands, Newcomb, NM.

Tohaali Community School

Newcomb, NM

In August 2019 we began sending period supplies to Diné students at Tohaali Community School, the first Bureau of Indian Education school we supported. Dee Dee Bitsilly is the school’s principal. On learning about us, she embraced our mission with enthusiasm and continues to share information about us with her peers and superiors.

The school serves over 100 Diné/Navajo Nation students, including 30 or so boarding students — we are supplying Tohaali students with our full range of period supplies and educational materials.

This partnership is needed because:

  • The long distances to stores to buy supplies.
  • The lack of reliable transportation for our families.
  • The low socioeconomics of our families.
  • The assistance it will provide for teaching opportunities for our students.
  • [It provides] assistance to our schools that have limited finances.
Delores Bitsilly

Principal, Tohaali Community School (NM)