Supporter Spotlight

Meet some of our brightest lights.

Here we celebrate some of our supporters who are committed to ending period poverty in Native American communities.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer!

Supporter spotlight

April Stobbe

April Stobbe of Shawnee, Oklahoma, is a devoted advocate for children and families, and a great friend and ally of The Kwek Society. April serves on the Shawnee Public Schools School Board. When we told April about our efforts to end period poverty across Native North America, she donated funds to us and then jumped right in to address the issues specifically in her community. She formed a nonprofit, The Shawnee Alliance for Period Supplies, to ensure Shawnee schools’ bathrooms and locker rooms are stocked with period supplies. The Kwek Society supplements April’s efforts from time to time by sending period supplies to the Shawnee schools to support SAPS's work and celebrate Shawnee students’ moon times. April welcomes questions from like-minded advocates who are thinking about starting an organization like SAPS in their own communities. You can learn more about SAPS’ work and reach April through SAPS’ Facebook page.

The Kwek Society Supporter April Stobbe

The Rosewitzes

The Rosewitzes have made it a family matter to support The Kwek Society. We were excited to receive this video they made to celebrate and inspire others through their ongoing commitment to collect period supplies for us and support our work to end period poverty among Native students and communities.

Dell Chalk/Migwekwe

Dell Chalk is a Potawatomi kwe (woman). She was one of the The Kwek Society's first monthly contributors. She believes all Indigenous women are sisters. Dell reports that, as the first woman in her family born away from her homeland and the founder of her own international non-profit, the opportunity to contribute to the Kwek Society's mission "made her heart jump." Dell's great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother were strong women who taught her that God, our Creator, made women special. She notes that, while she many never meet the Native students and community members The Kwek Society supports, each of them is precious and worthy and should know that others stand behind them. Her message to other women is to value yourselves, always help others, and give others hope, strength, understanding and special care, and to know you are loved.

Dell Chalk

Dell Chalk (right) posing with The Kwek Society founder Eva Marie Carney and CPN Chairman John "Rocky" Barrett

Alex Dickman

Alex Dickman is The Kwek Society’s most prolific seamstress. Alex grew up in Virginia and spent many summers in Oklahoma, visiting her mother’s family and traveling throughout the southwest. She is of Chickasaw descent with family ties to Clovis, New Mexico.

Before her retirement, Alex taught women’s health at George Washington University. Her awareness of health disparities and inequality in the United States drew her to The Kwek Society’s mission. She started sewing moon time bags, stuffing them with pads and liners — and a lot of kindness. Pre-pandemic, Alex’s 14-year-old granddaughter Morgan assisted her. Morgan, like her grandmother, has a passion to help others.

When the pandemic hit, Alex quickly realized the need for masks and once again started sewing for our partners. In 2020, Alex and Morgan produced 227 moon time bags and more than 2,153 masks! We are so grateful that they dedicated so much time and skill to this work.