Kind words from near and far.

We now have these beautiful moon bags that I can give to students, and they love them. It makes them feel supported, empowered and part of a community of women who are celebrating who they are; the moon time bags make them feel proud about their bodies and their voices. 

I’m so pleased to say that the excellent puberty resources that The Kwek Society also provided allowed me to revamp our puberty education here. We moved our puberty education to early in the fall for fifth grade, using the resources provided.  Now puberty education feels really positive for students and is really a lot of fun for them.

Jeanine Brooks

School Social Worker/Counselor, Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School, Sitka, AK

Sometimes the lack of enough hygiene supplies kept students from attending school regularly. We are grateful that the Kwek Society has given the young women in our district the confidence and security they need to be successful at school.


Dr. April Grace

Shawnee Schools, OK

The Kwek Society is a great program that supports traditional values and the importance of instilling cultural values and traditions in our future generations.


K. Harms

Fort Washakie School, WY

We live over 75 miles to the nearest town and having the products at school are so beneficial and easy for the students to access. During the pandemic we deliver the supplies when we deliver daily meals. The girls are so thankful and appreciative. The Kwek Society’s generous spirit is a real gift to our children! Thank you!

Delores Bitsilly

Principal, Tohaali Community School, NM

Wyoming Indian Schools is located on the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming. We are the largest preK-12th grade school on the reservation. Partnering in June 2019 with Kwek has helped young women have access to personal health care products in the school as well as providing enough products for them to take home.

During the reservation shelter in place order beginning in March of 2020, Kwek has provided not only personal care products, but also masks for not only our students but for our community during our organized grab and go food distribution program. Kwek is doing an outstanding job of ending period poverty in Indigenous communities and we are proud to partner with them!

Hohou, Hooweehoo, Pila Maya, Thank you

Jenn RunsClosetoLodge

Wyoming Indian Schools, Ethete, WY

“I wasn’t going to come to school today because I didn’t have anything (period supplies) until I remembered that sometimes you have stuff in your library. So I came and the nurse gave me a whole package and a pretty bag for the package, now the boys on the bus won’t know what’s in the bag. I’m glad I came today.”

K-8th Grade Student

Wyoming Indian Schools, Ethete WY

I can’t express our gratitude enough for the Kwek Society! They have gone above and beyond to help our young female Native American students to have the supplies they need; helping these young ladies to focus more on their education with less worry about whether or not they are going to have the supplies needed to handle their menstrual cycle.

R.J. Webb

Pleasant Grove School, OK


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