Period poverty affects over a  quarter of American students.

One in four.


School Partners

Keep students in school.

The Kwek Society supplies period products to schools and students across North America so that students can stay in school and maintain their dignity, health, and confidence while on their moon times.

In 2019 our program became international when we added a school of Anishnabe students and their peers in Ontario, Canada.

We restock partner schools as needed throughout the year. We are committed to serving as many Native American students with period-supply-access issues as we possibly can.

Please contact us if you know of students and Native communities who need our help!

This important work represents exactly the kind of creative solutions we seek to support in collaboration with rural and Native communities. Access to period products should not be keeping students and adults from school, work and pursuing their goals in 21st-century America. The Kwek Society is playing a crucial role in addressing this challenge by supplying products, as well as information for young people that’s culturally responsive and helps them better connect with their bodies and communities.

Erin Borla

Executive Director and Trustee, The Roundhouse Foundation

As a tribal education director and The Kwek Society board member, I have seen the impact of the organization from a governance and community standpoint. What a gift to provide dignity to young Indigenous women while educating the larger public about this issue. I appreciate that The Kwek Society actively pursues new school partners and maintains responsiveness and timely deliveries. I always feel confident referring a school to The Kwek Society because I know that they will be well taken care of!

Tesia Zientek

Board Member, The Kwek Society