Wingate High School NM

Wingate High School

Ft. Wingate, NM


Wingate High School’s mission statement is “A Native American School that nurtures the Whole Person in Self-Identity, Education, Leadership and Wisdom.” WHS, like several other schools we support, is operated by the federal Bureau of Indian Education. We started our partnership with WHS at the beginning of academic year 2020-2021, sending supplies donated by supporters as well as period pads that we purchase at an affordable cost from Be.Prepared.Period. When students from Texas Tech University’s Raiderland Native American Students Association contacted us about where to send period supplies they’d collected during a pre-pandemic pad drive, we happily shared WHS’s address. We’re always thrilled to leverage our donations with those of groups like TTU’s Raiderland Native American Students Association.

I am so grateful that the Principal made contact with you and we got period supplies for our female students especially at this time of not been able to see our students face to face. We have been giving them to our young ladies who have requested period supplies. It is also hard for our young ladies when we have weekend lock down on the Dine’ reservation due to Covid-19. So, thank you so much for helping our female students!

Alta Mitchell, MAMFT, LADAC

Wingate High School (NM)