Period tracking and education for young people. Developed with the input of young people. On your phone.

Since we launched The Kwek Society, we’ve been on the hunt for a reliable source of period tracking and reproductive health education. Something that young people and their educators could consult anytime, anywhere, that we could offer through our site  And now we’ve found it! 

Created by UNICEF, Oky is the world’s first period tracking and reproductive health education app developed together with young people. Oky provides information about menstruation in fun, creative and positive ways, straight into users’ hands through the tools they use every day – mobile phones. Oky lets young people feel in control and more confident — they can track their periods and get empowering, age-appropriate information about their health and bodies. It’s all free and free of advertising, and once downloaded, it functions offline. Check out Oky and let us know what you think!