Moon time bag sewing instructions

What you need:
two (2) 6 X 6-inch fabric pieces
two (2) 5 X 6-inch fabric pieces

What to do next:

  1. Stack or pin the two (2) 5 X 6-inch fabric pieces on top of each other, wrong side together
  2. Fold each 6 X 6-inch half wrong side inside, creating two (2) 3 X 6-inch pieces (folded)
  3. Place the folded 3 X 6 pieces, folded side to middle, on top of the two (2) 5 X 6 inch pieces. Note: the 2nd 3 X 6-inch piece will overlap the first.
  4. Sew or serge all four (4) sides of the stacked fabric.
  5. Optional: trim corners a small amount.

Once completed: Stuff with three (3) ultra-thin pads, two (2) liners and get them to us; we will add our Kwek Society business card – it features an excerpt from a Joy Harjo poem as a celebration message.

Send Moon time bags

Send moon time bags to us via USPS, addressed to:

The Kwek Society
Attn: Eva Marie Carney
P.O. Box 5595
Arlington, VA 22205

If shipping products via UPS or FedEx, please email us for a private address.