The Kwek Society School Partner Blatchley Middle School

Blatchley Middle School

Sitka, AK

We love this statement from Sitka Public Schools: “Picturesque and welcoming, Sitka has a strong sense of community and commitment to our students. We live on a rock at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and we know what is important in life!” 

Sydney Carter, the warm and engaged counselor at Blatchley Middle School – knowing what’s important to her students’ dignity and success — contacted us in the Fall of 2022 to request that we supply her students with period products of all types and period education books.

Our shipments of moon time bags, period products, and Amazon-purchased books followed, along with sports bras shipped by our friends at Bras for Girls.  We look forward to resupplying BMS students as needed.

Here’s Jeanine discussing how she’s implemented the puberty education resources and period product resources we are furnishing her students.