Gooshi Heen Elementary School

Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School

Sitka, AK


Gooshi Heen Elementary School, Sitka, Alaska

Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School, located in Sitka, Alaska, became our partner early in 2022. We supply Keet Gooshi Heen students with our moon time bags, puberty education books and a wide array of period supplies. Sitka is a rural island community located on Tlingit Aani, the ancestral home of the Tlingit people. 

The school’s health and puberty educator, Jeanine Brooks, makes us smile with her enthusiasm and love for her students. Jeanine revamped puberty education at the school, using our resources, and was able to move puberty education to early in the fall for fifth grade. In this video, Jeanine shares her students’ reactions to the supplies and educational materials that donor dollars make possible.

We are thrilled to hear from Jeanine that menstruation “feels really positive for students” and also to hear that “the girls in our school have agency now around the idea of menstruation. Because they are young, third, fourth, and fifth graders, it can feel very overwhelming. So to have that positive support and build that relationship to themselves and their bodies at such an early age, and as a community, is really beautiful, and I’m so excited to see sort of the long-term impact as I watch these students grow up in our small community.” We hope you’ll listen to Jeanine’s full report!