Oklahoma City Public Schools/MyLife After School Program

Oklahoma City Public Schools/Native American Student Services

Oklahoma City, OK


This is one of our earliest partnerships, forged with Star Yellowfish, who serves as Director of Native American Students Services for this very large school district (about 45,000 students). Most of the 30 or so participants in the MyLife (Motivating Young Ladies: Inspiration, Friendship & Empowerment) After School Program are Native American students. Oklahoma City Public Schools educates students throughout 33 neighborhood elementary schools, 13 middle schools, 9 high schools, 2 alternative schools and 9 charter schools located within 135.5 square miles in the center of Oklahoma.

As the 2020-2021 school year got underway, our nonprofit partner Days for Girls provided students throughout Oklahoma City Public Schools with 50 boxes of underwear, purchased with grant funds.
Early in 2022 we sent close to 17,000 period supplies, moon time bags and books to OKCPS students. We continue to support this very large school district, and particularly its Native American Student Services program, as our funding permits.

Oklahoma City Public Schools

MyLife students holding cosmetic bags filled with our period supplies.